OpenERP Customer, Community & Partners Summit 2012

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    We have just concluded our three day annual summit in Brussels. It has been a great opportunity for the OpenERP team to share the new features of v7.0., our vision and strategy for 2012, tips and tricks on how to manage OpenERP projects and many more. Furthermore, it has also been a great chance for our community and partners to showcase what they have been working on, may they be developments or successful case studies.
    Whether you have been part of our event or not, you can find the presentations held during the Open Days 2012 on our slideshare channel There were more than 40 presentations covering technical, functional and success stories. Feel free to browse through them, download and share.
    We also invite you to look at the pictures of the event. Find yourself, tag and share, after you're done with Facebook, check out what the participants have tweeted during the event
    3 days, approximately 600 participants, more than 40 presentations!
    We want to thank all participants for joining us and sharing our vision. A special thanks goes to all our community members and partners who have presented a topic and contributed to this amazing OpenERP Customer, Community and Partner Summit.

    P.S. If you participated to this event and want to give us your feedback, email events(at)!

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