OpenERP Awards - 2012 Edition

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    This year's annual summit was a great success due to the quality of the presentations, shared vision and strategy and the ever increasing number of participants. But also, to the opportunity an event like this gives our community and partners to come together, collaborate and also have some fun.
    OpenERP is based on a unique ecosystem where the community, partners and editor work together to build a successful, relevant and affordable product. In order to express our gratitude and recognition towards our community and partners, this year's summit included an awards ceremony.
    2012 OpenERP award winners with Fabien

    Among the categories selected this year were the Best Contributor Award, Best Partner Asia, Best Partner Europe and many others. It was often quite difficult to select the nominees and particularly to pick one winneramong them.
    The final award winners are the following:
    Best Contributor: Camptocamp
    They have been gold partners for more than 5 years now and have been contributing immensely ever since. A quick look on will show why they won the best OpenERP contributor award 2012.This award specifically rewards the author of the OpenERP modules and tools that are most used by the community. Camptocamp's webkit-based reporting engine and geoengine are great examples of such contributions.
    Most active contributor: Vauxoo
    The most active contributor awards goes to the contributor who has been producing the largest number of modules, patches, translations and localizations during the last year.
    Any member of the community will certainly know Vauxoo for their tireless dedication to the OpenERP community, and their uncompromising open source spirit (Have you seen Nhomar's talk this year?
    This incredible company is not only the largest OpenERP Partner in Latin America, but they manage to create and maintain OpenERP localizations and translations for half of LATAM countries, all by themselves! Those yearly contributions represent a huge number of hours and resources, and clearly designates them as most active contributor for 2012.
    Best Partner Europe: Smile
    Smile has been selected as the best partner in Europe because of it's successes in their customer implementation projects. They helped putting OpenERP in production to some of the biggest companies using OpenERP and they implement an impressive number of projects on OpenERP every year. Some of the big projects that Smile worked on are: France24, Veolia, Nouvelles Frontieres and many others.
    Best Partner America: NovaPoint
    There are many reasons why Novapoint deserves this recognition. First of all, for an excellent communication with the vendor, in terms of decision making and collaboration. Secondly, for fully embracing OpenERP’s business model and its OpenERP Enterprise. Last, but not least for having published many contributions. They have also been an important player in the penetration of OpenERP in the US market from a product perspective with the adaptation of several specific business concepts like check writing, deposit tickets, credit card payment, and payroll systems integration.
    Best Partner Asia: Itara
    Itara succeeded to replace a well known ERP for his customer Trident. They have replaced Dynamics with OpenERP and implemented several modules, such as: Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management, etc. Later on, they migrated to version 5.0 to 6.0 and after 1 year they get managed to replace Tally, Accounting system with OpenERP. Now, Trident is a big success story in the Indian market with Indian localization. See here an interview with Rajesh Kanna, CEO of Itara:
    Best Partner Africa: Kazacube
    From the begining of the partnership, Kazacube has had a good and fruitful relationship with the vendor. In a very short time, it became the second best OpenERP CTP worldwide. Moreover, in terms of revenue and activity in Africa, there is no equal partner just yet.
    Best CTP: Vauxoo
    It's official, Vauxoo has trained more than 140 people in just one year. They have managed to cover a number of countries in Latin America, like Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc. This winner was a no brainer for OpenERP, as their numbers and dedication speak for themselves. Moreover, Vauxoo forecasts that this year is to at least double this number.
    Best Translation team: Arabic Launchpad Team
    This award goes to the translation team that has been producing the most impressive translation effort over the past year. Among the 42 teams assigned as of 2012, the Arabic team is clearly the winner. They started translating from scratch little more than a year ago, and have aleady completed 70% of the complete OpenERP translation (more than 18000 terms to translate in total). We do have many teams actively maintaining their translations above the 90% bar, but few of them have been able to get from 0 to 70% in such a short amount of time!
    Most active Community website: Openerp-italia
    Many countries have an active OpenERP Community, and most of them have a community website. Among them, the Italian Community's website ranks highest in terms of activity, as reported by various traffic analysis means. They have a large number of users and contributors, as well as a wiki and a very active forum, which could even start to overshadow the official forum!
    Although we could only reward 9 winners, for many of them it was a close call, and it is likely that next year's awards will offer quite a different landscape!
    We are of course deeply grateful to every single contributor, it is a great honor and pride to build the world's best ERP system together with so many enthusiastic people, from all over the planet!

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