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  1. hoaithuong123 New Member

    Trobz is now looking for 5 Dev Trainee and 3 Software Developer full time to join with us. If you're interested in our opening positions, do not hesitate to send us your resume via email job@trobz.com

    • Understand the requirements provided by the business analysts
    • Code following the coding guidelines and best practices
    • Ensure the correctness of the implementation before transmitting to the QC team

    Desired knowledge/Experience
    • Knowledge of web technologies and object oriented programming
    • Knowledge of modern development methodologies and tools (agile methodologies, automated testing, continuous integration, distributed version control systems, wikis, trac, jira,…)
    • Experience in software development, open-source projects, development tools (Eclipse, Versioning tools, Bug tracking tools) is a plus
    • Knowledge of Python and/or Odoo (formerly, OpenERP) is a plus
    • Understanding of the processes of a company (sales, purchases, stock management, accounting, human resources,…) is a plus
    • Skills on Mobile, E-commerce, devops, sysadmin, data migration, odoo upgrade...is a plus
    Desired soft skills
    • Teamwork
    • Intermediate written & verbal English
    • Focus on quality, efficiency and continuous improvement
    • Willing to learn and open to change

    • Multicultural, supportive and friendly working environment
    • Diverse types of subsidies & bonus
      • IT equipment
      • English certificate subsidy
      • Reference bonus
      • Quarterly bonus
      • 13-month salary
      • Extra insurance
    • Quarterly, yearly bonding activities with company
    • Knowledge sharing and happy hour every Friday
    • Free in-house entertainment facilities (foodball, table tennis, coffee...)
    • Fitness & sports activities: football, table-tennis, badminton...
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